BISHWAS: The International Student Hub

BISHWAS, in Nepali, stands for trust. The BISHWAS program (BTGN International Student Hub for Welfare and Awareness Services), is an exciting and important initiative of BTGN that can be trusted by international students in Australia for accurate, complete and timely information on services and support that are available to them.


The BISHWAS program has five interconnected objectives:

  1. Student Orientation Seminars:
    Through a series of seminars, newly arrived international students will be exposed to useful information on Australia, Australian job market, lifestyles and Australian educational system.
  2. Academic Workshops:
    Students will be provided with helpful tips and strategies for high quality assignment writing, critical thinking, note taking and active reading, and these workshops are developed and delivered by some of the leading academics in Australian universities.
  3. Career Workshops:
    Students will obtain some critical help for improving their CVs and enhancing skills for job hunting, email writing, interviewing and inter-cultural communication skills.
  4. Networking for Student Health and Wellbeing:
    Students will have opportunities to meet the people who have been through their student lives successfully and develop a lively network of contacts and information so as to enable them solving their issues effectively.
  5. BTGN Information Hub:
    A one-stop-centre for finding out critical information and contact on academic, professional, health, and wellbeing for international students.